Breads with Wild Natural Ferments.

Only Good Ingredients

We only use the best flour, filtered water and grey sea salt for our breads.

A bit of Italian organic olive oil and a touch of local honey for the specials.

The rest is passion, time and work .

All our flours and ingredients are all-natural and locally sourced or organic.

Only Natural

Our bread is naturally leavened with wild sourdough ferments only.

All are the result of a long fermentation process.

We brought back our sourdough with us from our dear friend baking in the Southern French mountains

This adds to every aspect of the quality of the bread: savor, crust, nutrition, conservation.

Only Hand-Kneaded

All our breads are kneaded (and shaped) with care by hand.

This process allows us to limit flour oxidation and by that, to preserve all the subtle flavors and colors of our grains.

Good Life Bread

Now in Yachats, Or.

Hand-Crafting Good Natural Products.

Please contact us if interested.